Rathlin Island Ferry

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Scoping how to reduce the carbon footprint of the ferry to Rathlin Island to help the island achieve CO2 neutrality.

  • Rathlin Island Ferry
  • Rathlin's 2 diesel ferries produce a large proportion of its CO2 emissions
  • Rathlin Island Port

Rathlin Island Ferry's story

As the owner of Rathlin Island Ferry, I joined a group of other local businesses – some from the island and some from the mainland – that are looking at new ways to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Our aim is for the island to become carbon neutral and Rathlin Island Ferry plays an important role within this group as the ferry operations are one of the bigger emitters.

Rathlin Island is a good place to pilot such a project because just 50 years ago, people lived here in a carbon-neutral way, and many of those people are still alive and are familiar with living in a low-carbon way.

Useful learnings from Rathlin Island Ferry

Work with what you have; for example, we will still keep all the facilities on the island, but just with alternative sources of energy. It is easier to work with a finite number of people at first, and use this as an example to model how you can have all your facilities become carbon-neutral.

Rathlin Island Ferry's metrics

Amount of carbon savings.

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