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Prop-Search is a commercial property agent with a first-of-its-kind facility that integrates high energy-consuming customer businesses with large-scale, direct supply renewable energy generation on-site.

Prop-Search's story

Prop-Search is a firm of commercial property agents and chartered surveyors with offices in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Wellingborough. In addition to more traditional activities such as the sale, letting and acquisition of commercial properties, the firm specialises in renewable energy solutions at its Energy Park.

Chelveston Renewable Energy Park, set in 750 acres, is the first of its kind facility within the UK. It has been designed to integrate high energy-consuming businesses with large-scale, direct supply renewable energy generation on-site, backed up with the necessary redundancy/reinforcement to ensure continuity of supply.

The Energy Park also includes large-scale energy storage facilities to shift power produced either in sunny or windy conditions into a base load profile to maximise the off grid renewable status of the park's tenants.

Existing generation provides up to 200GWh from 9 x 2.85MW 125m GE Turbines and 120MWp solar array (500,000 panels), 2 grid connections (80MW export agreement & 26MW import agreement), on site battery storage (20MW) and consent for a Peak Shaving Plant (47MW) and future Hydrogen Production Facility (10MW).

Useful learnings from Prop-Search

"Do your research to find out what those at the leading edge of renewables are doing and how what they are doing can be applied and scaled both up and down. We [Prop-Search] are talking about scaling our innovations upwards, but we mustn't forget that people have to start somewhere and therefore some of the technologies have to be downscaled to ensure they are achievable and within reach. Once you have those in place, you can then grow on them and improve on them."
Simon Toesland, Director, Prop-Search

Prop-Search's metrics

Property portfolio
Tenant occupancy rates
Renewable energy generation
Carbon emissions reduction

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