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Raechel Kelly from The Liminality is part of running Project Cheltenham, a local space of climate action.

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Project Cheltenham's story

Raechel Kelly runs Cheltenham-based sustainability consultancy firm The Liminality. As part of The Liminality's work, Rachel is working on 'Planet Cheltenham', which is a community space working to reduce carbon across the town, by raising awareness of climate breakdown and taking climate action.

Planet Cheltenham currently runs a variety of projects:
- 'A Library of Things'; providing everyday tools and items to people which they can borrow from their local library.
- Energy-saving talks and exhibitions to help people to understand how to reduce their household energy bills.
- A community fridge, part of the 'Feeding Gloucestershire network'.
- Climate Change Makers Programme, funded by Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucestershire County Council. The programme involves 11 residents in a peer-led, 6-month learning journey about climate change and local solutions, to empower them to understand and create greater climate action. Participants receive a stipend to enable them to attend and also access to a funding pot for their project ideas! In November 2023, the participants will present their ideas to the local community.

Previous Planet Cheltenham projects are also diverse! They include:
- 'A Doughnut Economics Group', which involved a group of 10 residents in a peer-to-peer learning journey lasting 8 months.
- 'Little Planet Cheltenham', which was a baby and toddler group running over 2022, which hosted different activities, such as nature art, future imagining, plant listening and more! In 2023, this project has organised toy swaps and multiple pop-up sessions.

In terms of prioritising sustainability, Raechel Kelly said: "The main benefit of reducing carbon is embracing the idea that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors – rather we borrow it from our children. Having your everyday work and career based around sustainability means you can live with that long-term thinking."

Useful learnings from Project Cheltenham

If you are just starting your net-zero journey, it is very important to engage everyone in your organisation. You need to find the right people to lead and not view it as a passion project – you need to dedicate business time and give everyone a role so they can empower others throughout the organisation to make changes.

Project Cheltenham's metrics

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