Pentagon Sport

Reducing energy use, carbon emissions and energy costs using a Green Business Grant.

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Est. annual reduction in carbon
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Investing in greener business premises.

Pentagon Sport's story

Based in North Bristol, Pentagon Sport design, manufacture and install playground and outdoor learning products and facilities for schools and nurseries. As part of a relocation to a new premises, they used a West of England Combined Authority Green Business Grant of £3,420 to replace the existing fluorescent lighting with LED units. Furthermore, the selected products have integrated PIR occupancy sensors built into them which means the lights will automatically switch off in areas not being used, minimising the amount of electricity used for lighting.

As a result of the project, Pentagon Sport has reduced its energy use by 73%, saving £2,666 on its annual energy bills. It has reduced its business carbon emissions by 8.5 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The West of England Green Business Grants Scheme offers small and medium enterprises in the region capital grants to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and/or business operations. The grants of up to £15,000 cover 50-80% of eligible costs. The £1.7m Scheme is part of the Low Carbon Challenge Fund, which is funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund and the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Fund.

Useful learnings from Pentagon Sport

Whether it’s the UK government, one of the devolved administrations, or at a local council level, there are a number of green funding opportunities available for small businesses. It pays to look around for funds awarded to businesses that invest in green technologies to increase energy efficiency or reduce carbon emissions. Funding lists are constantly being updated as new funds become available, so keep an eye on local, regional and national government’s green webpages for current funding grants.

Pentagon Sport's metrics

Reduced energy bills.
Reduced carbon emissions.
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