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Urban eco-delivery of a wide range of items from medical supplies to vegetables by e-cargo bikes across Oxford.

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Pedal & Post's Story

Pedal & Post is a courier service across Oxford, delivering from A to B by electric cargo bike. Our fleet reduces air pollution and congestion while simultaneously improving the health of our riders and the city as a whole due to emissions reduction.

Our deliveries include anything from veg boxes to urgent medical supplies. We work with over 80 local businesses. We have also teamed up with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver medication, improving patient care and delivering sustainability benefits.

We respond to feedback from the community, which is important in providing a fully sustainable service. Our same-day instant quote option was put in place to meet the needs of customers asking for one-off services, where we had previously focused on regular service bookings.

Pedal & Post are fully on board with Oxford's Zero Emission Zone proposal. We all face a severe climate emergency. In addition to greenhouse gas emissions, the rise in online deliveries has caused a range of transport issues, particularly in medieval cities like Oxford. Cargo bikes can deliver up to 51% of goods in cities. So far we have delivered over 25,000 loads and saved an estimated 30 tons of CO2 by cycling.

Some of our biggest challenges to date include the changes to how we work during the pandemic, and cycling a full load of 250kg of veggies uphill!

Useful Learnings from Pedal & Post

Making sustainability accessible and simple is vital. We offer variation in our services to make Pedal & Post the most convenient it can be. This means making the right choice for the environment doesn't have to come with all kinds of caveats surrounding time and cost.

Responding to customer needs helps us grow. Providing instant quotes for same-day delivery was a response to our customers' requests and feedback. It opens up a lot more flexibility for those on a tight schedule, or with a last-minute delivery that needs to take place.

A flexible approach means we can boost the local economy in a more environmentally-sustainable way. For example, at peak delivery times such as Christmas we pick up the slack to ensure more deliveries are made, and that they arrive on time.

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