Cleaning up laundry's carbon footprint and prolonging the life of clothes and textiles.

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Oxwash's Story

Oxwash was founded 2018 by Dr. Kyle C Grant, who experienced the frustration of dealing with perpetually broken washing machines during his time at Oxford University. Determined to find a solution to this problem, he took matters into his own hands, armed with nothing more than a bike and a backpack, he began providing a reliable and efficient laundry service for his fellow students.

The response was overwhelming and this initial success fuelled Dr. Grant's vision to revolutionise the unsustainable laundry industry. Driven by a commitment to becoming net-zero and utilising advanced technology, the company has developed a unique approach to laundry services.

Unlike traditional methods, Oxwash implements a closed-loop system that prioritises exceptional cleaning results while simultaneously reducing environmental impact across the board.

Oxwash adopts an advanced microfiber filtration system during their laundry washes, filtering out more than 90% of all the microfiber shed during washing. Through their partnership with UK-based startup PlanetCare, Oxwash's used filters are returned to PlanetCare and the captured microfibres are recycled for use in insulation mats. In 2022, Oxwash estimated that they had captured at least one billion microplastics.

The company is also reducing emissions from transport, by solely using electric cargo bikes for transportation.

Useful Learnings from Oxwash

Make sure you get your team on board with your sustainability journey.
Bringing on investors who share your vision can help to push your project forward.

Oxwash's Metrics

Amount of microplastics captured.
Reduction in wasted textiles.
Reduction in use of polluting vehicles.
Reduction in CO2 emissions.
Reduction in use of water.
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Oxwash workers using electric cargo bikes.
Oxwash support community organisation 'The Gatehouse' with free laundering.
Oxwash team.