Magna Park Lutterworth

GLP, owners of Magna Park, are pioneering the development and management of more environmentally and socially responsible logistics parks.

Magna Park’s story

Magna Park Lutterworth is a private estate owned by GLP that offers businesses a fully managed, dedicated logistics park. The site covers over 550 acres and is bounded by the M1, M6 and M69 motorways; known as the ‘Golden Triangle’, this part of the UK is a prime logistics location due to its strategic position in the centre of the country. Since the development of the hub in early 1988, Magna Park has contributed significantly to the development of the local economy and the distribution park is now home to 29 different companies.

GLP understands that everything they do has a huge impact on the planet and believe that sustainability in the operation of the hub is no longer an optional extra. The buildings GLP develops are designed to reduce impact on the environment and at the same time provide cost benefits for the businesses that occupy the site.

The site is set in a parkland environment with stringent measures in place to preserve natural habitat and wildlife. Several buildings incorporate the latest energy saving features which are designed to reduce and recycle energy usage and natural resources as much as possible.

GLP has also partnered with Liftshare to offer a free Liftshare scheme to all park employees; supporting key workers to access the park with ease, save commuting costs and to travel sustainably. With over 500 members, it’s estimated that Magna Park have removed 335,525 miles off the local roads, reduced 73 tonnes of CO2 emissions and saved its key workers a total of £84,000 over five years.

Useful learnings from Magna Park

GLP’s strategy is based on environmental and socially responsible logistics development. They include environmental initiatives within their standard specifications at no extra cost to the businesses that use the distribution park as a logistics base.

Some of the benefits of these sustainability features for GLP and for the businesses that occupy the site include less cost to operate and maintain premises; reduced energy and water usage; optimised use of natural light; use of recycled and recyclable materials in construction; BREEAM “Excellent” and EPC “A” rated construction as standard.

Magna Park is recognised within the industry for setting new standards in terms of design, environmental management, sustainability and local job creation. The Magna Park concept is a potential blueprint for larger logistics hubs and has already been replicated by GLP at Milton Keynes.

Magna Park’s metrics

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