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BISON is a printed graphics company which uses its climate justice mascot Bruno Bisophant to start public conversations about climate action.

  • BISON giving a talk on sustainability at Bearsted Primary Academy.
  • BISON's climate justice mascot Bruno Bisophant.
  • BISON are a zero to landfill organisation

BISON's story

BISON is a printed graphics company which recently won the 2022 Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce's 'Sustainability & Decarbonisation Business of the Year' award. BISON has implemented a number of environmental initiatives to cut their carbon emissions by 75%:
- Utilisation of vegan inks/ no water.
- Over 95% plastic-free packing.
- Production with minimal wastage (of which 0% goes to landfill).
- Work on the BISON Village at BISON Headquarters, which will include a nature area and outdoor working area.
- Solar installation ensuring BISON's energy consumption is from 85% off-grid solar panels and 15% renewable energy.
- An upgraded heating/ cooling system.
- Electric vehicles and chargers.

BISON also work to raise awareness of climate action. Recently, BISON's managing director Mark Bidewell held a talk on sustainability at Bearsted Primary Academy. BISON's climate justice mascot Bruno Bisophant also attended this school talk. Bruno Bisophant has toured many locations around the UK; helping BISON to start public conversations about how to look after our planet and animals, and fundraise for climate projects.

Useful learnings from BISON

The main piece of advice I would give personally is to enjoy the process of becoming more sustainable – lean into it and move forward with it. This is something we need to do, but we need to collaborate and work with other people in order to achieve what we would like to achieve.

BISON's metrics

Amount of carbon savings.
Number of solar panels installed.
Percentage of plastic packaging reduced.

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