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Reducing carbon with Mark Bidewell from BISON, captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Mark Bidewell from BISON - Zero Carbon Tour interview

The most impactful thing we have done at Bison today is culture. It is buy-in from the team that has allowed us to do many things at once in quick succession. This includes installing solar panels, changing heating systems, changing our packaging, creating awareness within our supply chain and looking at carrying out carbon insetting.

The main business benefit of reducing carbon and becoming more sustainable is preparing for the future – we all want to protect our children and make the world a better place. We can continue to create great work for our clients, while looking after the planet.

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Our advice

The main piece of advice I would give personally is to enjoy the process of becoming more sustainable – lean into it and move forward with it. This is something we need to do, but we need to collaborate and work with other people in order to achieve what we would like to achieve.

Our metrics

Amount of carbon savings.
Number of solar panels installed.
Percentage of plastic packaging reduced.
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