Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme

LFAS2 aims to reduce flood risk to communities and businesses along the River Aire corridor between Leeds Rail Station and Apperley Bridge.

Leeds Climate Commission's story

A combination of traditional engineering methods and Natural Flood Management (NFM) will be used to reduce flood risk in Leeds.

We're working with the Environment Agency on our Flood Alleviation Scheme Phase 2 (FAS2) to help protect 1,048 homes and 474 businesses. We're focusing mainly on the developed areas along the River Aire, upstream of Leeds Train Station and Apperley Bridge.

FAS2 provides a one in a 200 year level of protection against flooding. This means flooding will be reduced to a 0.5 per cent chance of occurring in any given year, including an allowance for climate change.

Once the scheme is completed, it will help protect against similar flooding to Storm Eva.

Useful learnings from Leeds Climate Commission

It’s important to form a multi-organisational board (eg. The Environment Agency, Network Rail, Yorkshire Water and others) to guide the project both in the early stages and throughout construction. A co-located project team makes a significant difference to delivering the scheme more efficiently as well as identifying opportunities to provide added benefits such as carbon reduction measures.

Leeds Climate Commission's metrics

Number of jobs created.
Number of trees planted.
Amount of carbon savings.
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Flood defence walls and a raised footbridge at Milford Place, Kirkstall.
Flood defences in Leeds.