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Reducing carbon with Sam Holmes from Lawrie IP as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

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Lawrie IP's story

Lawrie IP have been measuring their carbon footprint to develop a full understanding of where the highest emissions are coming from and where the biggest reductions can be made. This has led to a starting point for their sustainability strategy to reduce impacts from electricity, heating, water and printing. To fully embed the sustainability strategy, Lawrie IP are conducting employee engagement sessions to help everyone in the company be more aware of the impact they are having, and understand how they can be more sustainable.

We've appointed a 'Green Champion' and are always exploring how we can be more sustainable. Committed to minimising our negative impact on the planet and encouraging positive action, we work hard towards a greener future not only for ourselves, but for our clients, our local community and the wider world.

We believe we are the first – and only – IP firm in the UK that has pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2030 – and we are confident we can do this even sooner. Our Green Champion is also Zero Waste Scotland Certified.

By measuring emissions across our business, we've created a comprehensive carbon footprint tracker, so we can understand where we can effectively improve our environmental impact.

Useful learnings from Lawrie IP

Conduct research, and learn about what emissions you can and can't control. Then, build a strategy to tackle the problem areas you can control first.

Lawrie IP's metrics

Community and engagement actions.

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