Kirklees Climate Commission

Kirklees Council is working in partnership the newly established, independent Climate Commission, to deliver on its net-zero ambition and achieve greater climate resilience for all its communities.

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Kirklees Climate Commission's story

The launch of the Kirklees Climate Commission has been a key element in Kirklees Council's Phase 1 Climate Emergency actions. The Commission met for the first time in July 2021 and is made up of a Chair, Vice-Chair and 17 Commissioners from across a variety of sectors. They have now established several working groups, to look at key areas such as energy, transport, buildings, and public engagement. Their work programmes are being currently being developed.

The authority recognised the need to connect with, and mobilise, other key players in our district, through promoting partnership working and the co-production of climate action. The Council is supporting the Commission to promote inclusive processes that involve and empower local actors, support meaningful representation of different groups and work towards fair outcomes for all communities within Kirklees. The Commission will support Kirklees as it works towards net zero carbon emissions and greater climate resilience so that it can be a happier, healthier, more prosperous, and more inclusive place.

The Kirklees Climate Commission is part of the ESRC-funded Place-Based Climate Action Network (PCAN).

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Useful learnings from Kirklees Climate Commission

Climate commissions need buy-in from across all sectors to be effective, so engage early and bring key partners on the journey with you.

Use the lessons learned from other commissions to guide you. The ESRC-funded Place-Based Climate Action Network (PCAN) is the best place to start.

Consider the diversity and makeup of your area when recruiting members. It’s key that the commission’s membership is balanced and broadly representative of the area it covers.

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