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Viking Energy Network Jarrow (VENJ) is seeking to help South Tyneside Council decarbonise their operations by 2030.

  • CGI of roof with PV solar panels.
  • Progress photo from ground level of PV installation underway.
  • Progress photo at roof level of PV installation underway.

South Tyneside Council's story

South Tyneside Council (STC) declared a 'Climate Emergency' in July 2019 and pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030 by implementing a range of innovative renewable energy schemes to reduce reliance on fossil fuel.

The Jarrow Pool project is intended to replace the roof insulation before installing Solar Photo-Voltaic Panels, and also to reduce the air permeability of the building.

In addition to the above, the existing heating and ventilation equipment will be replaced by a highly efficient, heat recovery air source heat pump system with an efficiency of over 80% and is the most efficient system for public swimming pools. The system operates for most of the day with very high energy efficiency levels in recirculation mode. The heat recovery efficiency is up to 80%. The complete system has intelligent controls which adapt themselves fully automatically to the conditions.

Prior to the works the AHU feeding the pool and changing area, ran 24/7. A new efficient dedicated unit will dehumidify, heat and ventilate the pool hall, adjusting settings to meet the environment and save energy. A separate unit will provide efficient heating and ventilation for the changing area, operating on a timed schedule to reduce energy use.

The airtightness and insulation upgrade will improve the U-value from 0.25 to 0.15 W/m2K, which is well in excess of current building regulations and will reduce heating demand. The new solar PV system will generate up to 98kWp and could save 0.542kg CO2 per kWh.

Useful learnings from South Tyneside Council

The availability of high-efficiency thermal insulation, together with efficient, cost effective Photo Voltaic systems that may be accommodated at roof level, and provide the necessary renewable energy contribution.

Research for the project was led by STC Asset Management, Energy & Streetlighting Team, with input from consultants, academics, and industry.

STC engaged to the management, staff, and contractors on site, together with industry and community groups to seek the widest possible consensus in delivering the project.

South Tyneside Council's metrics

Level of air permeability.
Extent to which project met Building Regulations requirements.
Energy performance.
Carbon emissions savings.

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