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Reducing carbon emissions with Mark Cropper and Richard Graham from James Cropper Paper Makers captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Richard Graham and Mark Cropper from James Cropper PLC - Zero Carbon Tour interview

James Cropper PLC produce fibre, paper and more recently Colour Form - a three dimensional paper, designed and manufactured as a plastic replacement. As a large consumer of energy, they are taking steps to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the use of fossil fuels on site.

James Cropper Paper Makers has been around for over 275 years. Paper production is an energy intensive industry, so it is important to work on cutting carbon emissions. Some large savings will be made from changing energy sources, by moving completely away from gas by 2030. The company is also looking at closing the loop on paper recycling and created the world first coffee cup recycling facility in 2013, where 500 million cups per year are recycled.

For the full story, please watch the video. Discover more here: www.zerocarbontour.com.

Image: Unsplash stock image, Andrej Lisakov

Our advice

Look at what you can do, big or small to help cut carbon emissions and save the planet.

Look at how you can change to renewable energy sources for your heat and power demand.

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