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Manufacturer and supplier of infrared heating - a lower-energy, low-carbon form of heating - for residential and business needs.

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Herschel Infrared's story

Herschel started in 2008 and the company is the longest-established manufacturer in the UK of energy-efficient infrared heaters for businesses and homes.

If you're not familiar with infrared heating panels, you're not alone!

Infrared heating works very differently from traditional heating methods – rather than heating air in a room, as a conventional boiler does, it heats objects directly (such as the walls and floor of the room) which can then radiate the heat more efficiently. Flat, low-energy infrared heating panels are installed on the walls instead of radiators and run on electricity, which means this kind of electric heating is carbon-free when powered by green, renewable energy tariffs.

In supplying infrared heating panels over the last decade, Herschel has seen first-hand how involved the public has become in switching to infrared heating – in regard to their homes, their bills and their lifestyles – as well as the increase in businesses looking to become more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

Useful learnings from Herschel Infrared

Most homes are actually suitable for infrared heating. The panels themselves are small and can be connected to existing electrical circuits, which makes retrofitting feasible.

Although infrared heating panels are relatively unfamiliar, they are predicted to take off in the next few years – especially once the UK government's gas boiler ban comes into effect in 2025.

As more companies explore this new type of heating, water-heating infrared panels will also become more popular and will be able to provide UK homes with an affordable alternative to a gas boiler.

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