Healthy N Happy

Encouraging local CamGlen communities to think about and enjoy cycling.

Healthy N Happy's story

Healthy N Happy Community Development Trust (CDT) are providing a range of activities and services for local people to become more active and reduce their carbon footprint. They sell e-bikes, bikes and equipment at affordable prices, as well as teaching people how to repair bikes themselves, so they don't go to landfill.

Healthy N Happy are a charity based in Rutherglen aiming to make Rutherglen the healthiest and happiest place to live. Healthy N Happy deliver a number of activities including: BikeTown, a local community cycling hub; and CamGlen radio, which is run by volunteers.

BikeTown is a not-for-profit community cycling hub aimed at encouraging our local CamGlen communities to think about and enjoy their travel choices. Cycling is one of the most efficient and sustainable means of transport. We want to make our local communities healthier and happier through cycling and help our local residents reap the benefits ie physically, mentally and environmentally. But above all, we want our communities to enjoy the great outdoors and have fun!
We offer training and cycle confidence building sessions for all ages and abilities and provide affordable cycling products and services which enhance the lives of cyclists and would-be cyclists.

Useful learnings from Healthy N Happy

Try to create change and make sustainability a more positive topic.

Healthy N Happy's metrics

Community engagement.
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CamGlen BikeTown
The bike shop does sales, repairs and servicing
Confidence building bike classes