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by Gridserve - Zero Carbon Tour interview

What we are really seeing is that e-mobility generally is gathering pace – it is hugely important to have electric charging here in the middle of Cornwall. The increase in the number of businesses coming down in electric vehicles is good news for us.

Gridserve's mission statement is to move the needle on climate change – we are very trying to do that by reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles and putting together UK-wide infrastructure that supports people moving across to electric vehicles. This is the world's first electric forecourt run by Gridserve in Braintree – we have 36 rapid chargers, super-fast WiFi, meeting rooms you can rent out, an exercise area that puts electricity back into the grid – this site is net-carbon neutral. Anything we pull from the grid here is offset by what we put back in.

We want our infrastructure to be dependable and affordable to enable mass adoption. This is the very first electric forecourt, but we do have over 100 more sites planned across the UK and out next site coming online is in Norwich East.

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