Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral has won an Eco Church Bronze Award for its environmental initiatives.

Our story

Gloucester Cathedral aims to be Glouster's green Cathedral. They have implemented multiple environmental initiatives which have earned them an Eco Church Bronze Award and Green Tourism Silver Award.

In 2016, Gloucester Cathedral became the first ancient Cathedral to install solar panels. Their solar panels generate c.29,000 kW of energy each year and provide more than a quarter of the Cathedral’s electricity.

Gloucester Cathedral has also transformed their concrete car park into a green space in the middle of Gloucester, to bring together more habitats and increase biodiversity.

With around 400,000 visitors each year, Gloucester Cathedral has also focused on the fact that visitor journeys make up over half of the cathedral's carbon footprint. Gloucester Cathedral have aimed to become accessible by bike; ensuring that there are bike racks just outside the South Porch for cyclists to make use of. The cathedral is also part of a brand new Cathedrals Cycle Route, which links all 42 Church of England Cathedrals. Alongside cycling, Gloucester Cathedral utilise an electric vehicle (a Vauxhall Vivaro-e) during their daily work.

Our advice

We have to come together to guard planet home. Get together as an organisation and as a community and spread the message about climate action.

Our metrics

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Gloucester Cathedral aims to be accessible to all cyclists.
Gloucester Cathedral's solar panels.
Gloucester Cathedral has transformed its car park into a green space!