Offering sustainable transport alternatives including e-scooters for cities across the UK.

Ginger's e-scooters.
Ginger's e-scooter being taken for a ride.
Ginger's E-scooter.

Our story

Ginger is a UK-based shared, sustainable transport service. We offer sustainable transport for cities, including electric scooter hire. Our ethos is at the heart of what we do, and we have been trialling cargo bikes to deliver our scooters, ensuring all-round sustainable travel, inside and out.

Whether shared bikes, shared e-scooters, shared e-bikes, shared e-microcars, or any other innovative vehicle that emerges, we offer transport with the following characteristics:
• Any point to any point travel
• Small footprint vehicles
• Clean, sustainably powered, efficient
• Limited speed
• Fun travel — everyone knows bikes, but try an e-scooter!
• Active travel — maximising the opportunity of bikes for all
• Safe travel — for everyone, users and pedestrians
• The right vehicle type for the right time, at far lower cost than owning a car

We are local. We care about the UK's local communities. We want to make them better connected, to improve the liveability of our towns and cities for all. We also understand local governments, their challenges, and their priorities.

Our approach is building a shared transport service that integrates well with local areas, working closely with local councils, addressing residents' and councils' needs. We believe that executed well, done in true partnership with local authorities, shared transport will reach critical mass.

Our advice

For real change to happen, we need an integrated approach. Our team looks closely at each area to figure out the best locations for scooter docks and how we can improve existing local issues. Ginger's scooters will stop if someone starts to ride them in a pedestrianised area, or other no-go zone. This keeps everyone safe and works with the existing features of the town.

Partnership is vital. Ginger works closely with Local Authorities and the community to make sustainable transport work for everyone.

Our metrics

Number of people adopting Gingers' scooters as their preferred way to get around.
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