Electrogenic recycle electric vehicle cars, instead of throwing them away.

Electrogenic's Story

Carbon Copy's View: Electrogenic are recycling cars. Instead of throwing away a whole car in order to replace the engine, Electrogenic just replace the engine! This reduces overall waste significantly. Read on for Electrogenic's Story.

For an Electrogenic Retro-EV, you avoid most of the emissions associated with the manufacture of a new vehicle. Aside from the batteries, which of course are the same as for a new car, we just add a motor and some electronics – the rest of the car is already there. And if you charge your Electrogenic from your solar roof, or you buy green energy, then your motoring emissions fall even more. So the creation and use of a beautiful Electrogenic electric classic emit less than 20% of the greenhouse gasses of that boring new petrol car you were thinking of buying….

Useful Learnings from Electrogenic

We need to embrace the evolving attitude towards sustainability of today's society and be part of the change.

Electrogenic's Metrics

Reduction in waste.
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The lifecycle comparison of greenhouse gas emissions of different cars.
Electrogenic electric classics vehicles- old and new!