Dorset Greener Homes

Dorset Greener Homes showcases solutions to low carbon living by helping householders share their moves towards more sustainable living with others who would like to do the same.

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The extent of our open homes across Dorset
A disused agricultural barn turned into two low carbon homes
Malcolm who specialises in low cost solutions, rainwater recovery etc

Our story

A similar small scale scheme ran in Dorchester, a neighbouring town for two years. I was very sceptical that hosts would volunteer, but when we (Transition Town Bridport) tried it a very diverse set of people volunteered. Some expensive houses with new hi tech solutions; others low cost, DIY, using recycled materials; yet others low carbon lifestyles. I have made serious efforts to maintain that balance. You don’t need money to live more greenly.

This year is the first time we have extended to all of Dorset, through Dorset Climate Action Network. This has required building a team of local coordinators, all though zoom. Now we have 47 homes over all of Dorset! If it’s a success I expect twice as many next year.

Our advice

After overcoming greener home hosts’ concerns about opening their homes to strangers, they are pleasantly surprised by the interest, quality of questions and inspiration which visitors show.

There is a lot of untapped knowledge out there, from bitter to sweet experience.

It is essential to help and reassure hosts and allow them to limit visits.

The main lesson is that there are many approaches to reducing footprint. New houses, low cost solutions and lifestyle changes are equally valid.

Our metrics

Number of visits
Feedback from visitors
Follow-up research
The fact that so many of our hosts say that they drew inspiration, ideas and expertise from open homes in previous years which prompted them to make their homes greener
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