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DerbyGo (by Kinto) is the largest and most ambitious Mobility as a Service (MaaS) scheme yet to be introduced in the UK. it will give thousands of local people easy and immediate access to journey planning, booking and payment via a single app.

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DerbyGo's story

DerbyGo (by Kinto) is the largest and most ambitious Mobility as a Service (MaaS) scheme yet to be introduced in the UK. In partnership with Derby City Council, University of Derby, Derby College and technology partner FOD Mobility Group, the project has been developed as part of Derby's Future Transport Zone programme, supported with around £500,000 of Government funding. Initially operating as an 18-month trial, DerbyGo (by Kinto) is being rolled out to students and staff at University of Derby and Derby College.

At launch, the app will serve as a Research & Development element of Derby's live lab approach to its Future Transport Zone. As the wider concept evolves, integration of a growing number of mobility features to enhance travel, with users helping test, inform and optimise its potential.

Initially, the app will focus on the rail and bus services serving Derby and the university and college sites, providing real-time route information, ticket booking and payment. As a live lab, the trial will be constantly refined for ease-of-use and functionality, with further transport services being added to enable more efficient journey planning. This will also be the first MaaS platform to integrate transport accessibility information for people with special mobility needs. The app will provide a direct link to Sociability, a UK startup business which collects, maintains and shares detailed, reliable and accurate accessibility information for local venues.

Growth in user numbers and the range of services available will help reduce the number of car journeys being made, easing congestion, improving air quality and reducing the city's carbon emissions.

Richard Balshaw, Kinto UK Group Vice President, said: "Today is an exciting first step in helping deliver better mobility for all. With the enthusiasm and vision of Derby City Council, University of Derby and Derby College, we are able to launch DerbyGo (by Kinto) and develop a wealth of mobility services to encourage and enable easier and more efficient journeys. Constant monitoring of performance will help plan better transport and parking provisions, bringing associated benefits of better traffic flow and less vehicle pollution."

Useful learnings from DerbyGo

Derby Go (by Kinto) is an 18 month 'live-lab' Research and Development project, which, from its inception has been outcome driven. Everyone involved has a clear ambition and a shared aspiration for the project with a clear goal - to develop a research trial project where participant interaction, reaction and input is central.

At conception, the team approached the project with an open mind, and embraced it as a learning process which is key to achieving a positive outcome, led by the participants in the study.

Key to the projects success is the building of a group of likeminded, capable individuals with the appropriate skills, and a positive mindset to deliver an open minded response to the research question, and to deliver at pace to coincide with Derby University and Derby College student activity across the City.

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