Cycle Of Life

Encouraging people from different communities to get into cycling.

Our story

When I was young I used to cycle a lot with my father, so when I had my own kids I wanted them to have positive memories of cycling too. But after a while, they weren’t interested. I was telling them about all the benefits – good for the environment, saving money, being healthy – but their reply was, ‘can you see anyone else like us cycling?’ And they were right.

Cycle of Life was started in 2020, because of this. I was really interested in what are barriers that stop people that look like me from cycling. I did an Active Citizens course at the Kuumba Imani Millenium Centre here in Liverpool and met like-minded people that gave me the inspiration to set up Cycle of Life.

My aim is really simple. To get more people cycling, especially from communities where for one reason or another people don’t usually cycle. We run a number of different projects – teaching people how to cycle and how to maintain their bikes – and have also set up a number of cycling clubs across the city.

One of our projects is ‘The Clean Break’ project that works with asylum seekers as well as young people who might be at risk of getting into antisocial behaviours, leading participants to complete a maintenance programme and potential employment pathways for becoming a bike mechanic or cycling instructor. Another 12-week programme we run, called ‘On The Go’, helps young people start a micro-business using a cargo bike.

Our advice

Don't be daunted by the idea of cycling or of starting up a cycling club or community cycling programme.
Being on this sustainability journey will give you an advantage in making it happen.

Our metrics

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