Community Street Audits

Community Street Audits are an informed way to identify improvements to local neighbourhood areas that will create a safe, attractive and enjoyable communal environment for all users.

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A community street audit in action!

Our story

Streets and public spaces are most successful when local residents have the opportunity to influence decisions about them and effective involvement is a surefire way to reap the benefits of a good community relationship. But getting the best from local engagement can be a challenge. At Living Streets, we have years of experience in successfully working with local stakeholders to inform practical improvements on the ground and plans for the future.

Community Street Audits are a way to evaluate the quality of streets and spaces from the viewpoint of the people who use them, rather than those who manage them. We involve small groups of local residents, traders, councillors and officers to assess a route on foot, following which a detailed report is produced with recommendations.

Living Streets' community street audits are highly commended and we have audited walking routes in major cities, busy town centres and residential areas. The subsequent audit report identifies issues raised by all the stakeholders and adopts a pragmatic approach to solutions to help make the council's work as effective as possible.

Our advice

Audits identify ways to make streets and local neighbourhoods more liveable and to prioritise the needs of pedestrians and those using active travel.

Council decisions on changes to the streetscape are informed by insights from an appropriate cross-section of stakeholders, including local residents and businesses.

Living Streets can provide ongoing support to residents and local authorities in order to make the improvements happen.

Independent Audit Reports produced from community street audits have been used by Councils to successfully secure funding for short-term improvements and have also contributed to master plans for longer-term projects.

Our metrics

Feedback and survey results from councils and residents who take the Community Street Audit.
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