Climate Action West Northamptonshire

Climate Action West Northamptonshire is a local pressure group which urges local climate action. Recently, they have been sharing best practices with local authorities about how to increase nature recovery.

CA-WN's story

As a local pressure group, Climate Action - West Northamptonshire (CA-WN) are trying to work with the local authorities to help organisations reduce their carbon footprint across the area. They are keen to increase nature recovery, so they are researching and sharing best practices from other parishes which have already created wildlife areas, in order to show their local authority what specific actions to take.

Most recently, CA-WN was at the 2023 Shambala Music Festival, working with Friends of the Earth to share their work and raise awareness of climate action with festival goers.

Useful learnings from CA-WN

Go online and do some research or speak to Planet Mark for specialist advice.

CA-WN's metrics

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