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Bryce Energy Services helps businesses plan and implement greater energy efficiency.

  • Eugene Bryce of Bryce Energy Services.
  • We can assess pros and cons of your business adopting EVs.

Bryce Energy Services' story

Bryce Energy Services helps businesses and organisations understand, measure, and reduce their carbon footprint and be more energy efficient by providing accessible online and in-person expert consultations.

We provide the complete energy and carbon management solution. We deliver consultations and carbon audits to set businesses on the right path and to give them the expert advice to achieve their energy efficiency and carbon neutrality goals.

As a business, we are proud to be carbon neutral through energy efficiency, public transport and carbon offsets.

I work from home, I have bought a second-hand EV, gone green on my electricity contract, changed the wooden windows for new energy saving and added additional energy efficiency equipment to my gas boiler. I have also purchased carbon offsets to achieve carbon neutrality.

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Useful learnings from Bryce Energy Services

Measure your footprint as best you can and identify the top three emissions - it may be a surprise.
Don't worry about how accurate the estimate is, this will improve over a few years although you may find your footprint increasing as you get more information.
The bulk of your emissions are likely in the supply chain for goods, materials and services.

Bryce Energy Services' metrics

Amount of carbon savings.

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