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Blok Build ensure that built environments are more innovative and sustainable through the use of digital manufacturing technologies within construction.

  • Cassettes are assembled off-site in a controlled factory environment.
  • 'The Artist Bothy': compact
  • multipurpose cabins for sustainable retreats.

Blok Build's Story

Blok Build is a digitally driven, infinitely adaptable off-site modular building system bringing refreshing simplicity to construction. Through our commitment to research and development, we are working to achieve an even smaller carbon footprint. Blok Build came together as a pioneering collective of product designers, architects, engineers, project managers and programmers with a mission to make our built environment more innovative and sustainable through digital manufacturing technologies.

In 2015, we created our innovative timber building system as a sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods. The Blok Build system is now used for a wide range of architectural structures, including bespoke builds, type-housing, PassivHaus, permitted development projects and extensions to traditional buildings.

In 2021, we partnered with Aura Innovation Centre and researchers at Hull University to measure the embodied carbon of our manufacturing and installation processes. The analysis showed that our system reduced embodied carbon by more than 40% in comparison to traditional building methods and that optimised handling of waste could reduce the embodied carbon of our product even further.

Investment in new equipment such as a wood chipper, briquette press and upgraded extraction facilities were identified as key drivers to significantly improve this aspect of our manufacturing process. Backed by the findings of the Aura study, we worked with Hull and East Yorkshire Business Growth Hub advisors to secure a Growing Hull and East Yorkshire business investment grant to purchase and install the new equipment. We can now process all of our wood waste in-house by converting it into a fuel source.

The 'Growing Hull and East Yorkshire' business investment grant enabled us to purchase a new CNC machine, which has increased our production capabilities and allowed us to meet growing demand. Integrated with the new waste processing equipment, this means we are scaling our production with sustainability and circular economy principles at the core of the manufacturing process.

Useful Learnings from Blok Build

Be proactive and make a start. Many areas have innovation hubs linked to universities or business growth initiatives that can help directly, or signpost to those who can.

Introducing new equipment, facilities or processes into an established setup comes with financial and logistical challenges which can be daunting.

Becoming part of regional business and research communities focused on sustainability provides a framework for conversation within your business and adds momentum by generating clear insights and actionable next steps which the different parts of a business can get behind.

Blok Build's Metrics

Amount of waste saved from landfill.
Amount of waste converted into fuel.
Embodied carbon in comparison to traditional construction.
Improved well-being of our workforce.

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