Running Out of Time 2022

In 2022, Carbon Copy teamed up with The World Relay for the longest non-stop relay ever attempted, “Running Out Of Time”. Over 7700km from Glasgow to COP27 in Egypt, in the name of climate action. A world record!

Inside the relay baton was a message, written with the help of young people and signed by over 800,000 people online, urging more support from world leaders at COP27 to help people tackle the climate emergency locally. Addressing a challenge as complex as the climate and biodiversity crises requires action at all levels – international, national, local and individual.

Participants from school children to Presidents passed the relay baton from hand to hand across 18 countries, showing the world what we can achieve when we work together.

Along the way, we highlighted the awesome potential of collective local action and an amazing set of ambitious projects. In the UK alone, we identified 27 inspiring ideas in action, from one of Scotland’s largest community land buyouts to the world’s first large-scale, youth-led nature recovery project, in Wales; from the world’s largest community fridge network to community-owned renewable energy.

All of the initiatives we showcased had three things in common: they are big-thinking, collaborative and can be copied.

Hear how it all began…

Hear from Danny Bent, cofounder of The World Relay, about what we hoped to achieve when we were planning this extraordinary event.

Danny is an award-winning author, Guinness World Record holder, celebrated adventurer and community leader. Voted one of the 100 happiest people in the UK and one of the 50 most inspirational people in London.

We hope you find this podcast inspirational too!