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Asher Craig: Social Inclusion


Having identified the equalities issues endemic to the environmental sector, we have spent the last four years at Bristol City Council learning and acting to address these issues. These will inform our three year programme of engagement and communications to help the city reach carbon neutral by 2030.  We recognise that:

Climate change and Covid Recovery have to be integrated; Bristol like cities across the world needs to build back but it needs to do so in a way that means jobs in sectors that are future proof.  Whether it’s heat pumps instead of gas boilers, the shift over to electric cars or the circular economy, we need these sectors to provide not only jobs now but training for young people coming out of education at all levels and into the jobs market.  And we need to build on that glimpse Bristolians have seen, of clearer skies and cleaner air, of quieter neighbourhoods and safer streets. In the recently published A One City economic renewal partners agreed that the recovery plan will be informed by and consistent with our One City Climate Strategy and 2030 carbon neutrality goal, helping drive forward a £1bn programme of investment in cleaner, greener energy.

Cllr Asher Craig is Deputy Mayor of Bristol City Council. She has spent over 30 years as a community activist, leader, management consultant and now local politician with overall responsibility for communities, equalities and public health across the city. This is the second of three articles about local climate action in Bristol, from an inclusive leadership perspective.

Photo by Martyna Bober on Unsplash

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