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  • Hay Community Assemblies

    Hay Community Assemblies

    Running community assemblies to make better decisions that serve the needs of all.

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  • Power Up North London
    Greater London

    Power Up North London

    Delivering locally-owned renewable energy solutions enabling communities to mitigate climate change.

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  • Young Green Briton Challenge

    Young Green Briton Challenge

    Building knowledge, skills and opportunities for green change-making in schools.

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  • Slieve Kirk Community Fund
    Causeway Coast and Glens

    Slieve Kirk Community Fund

    Supporting community initiatives with funds from Northern Ireland’s largest windfarm.

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  • Eden Project

    Eden Project

    Inspiring citizenship over consumption through education, in order to care for this planet.

  • Transition Town Worthing

    Transition Town Worthing

    Building a strong, local, sustainable network in Worthing to reduce our environmental impact.

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  • South East London Community Energy
    Greater London

    South East London Community Energy

    Providing Londoners in the south east with access to affordable, renewable energy.

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  • Community Energy Together

    Community Energy Together

    Transferring seven operational solar farms into community ownership.

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  • The Eco Experts

    The Eco Experts

    Helping UK households go green in the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient ways.

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  • Highland Adaptation Partnership

    Highland Adaptation Partnership

    Bringing Highland together to facilitate transformational action towards a climate-ready region.

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  • Egin
    Blaenau Gwent


    Supporting communities across Wales in facing up to climate breakdown.

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  • Net Zero Now
    South Cambridgeshire

    Net Zero Now

    Giving people tools and confidence to take action in their community.

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  • Discounted Solar Panels Scheme Around Bridport

    Discounted Solar Panels Scheme Around Bridport

    Enabling more people to have solar panels installed on their homes, at a lower cost.

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  • Generation, Supply, Consumption, Storage (GSCS) Project

    Generation, Supply, Consumption, Storage (GSCS) Project

    Providing innovative renewable energy and storage options to business communities.

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  • Save Our Shropshire

    Save Our Shropshire

    Inspiring people to change their behaviour, to help tackle climate change.

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  • Reading Hydro CBS

    Reading Hydro CBS

    Harnessing the power of water to generate renewable electricity on the River Thames.

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