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The Eco Experts are a London-based team of writers who help educate and advise people all around the UK about cutting their energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

Our story

The Eco Experts are a group of passionate, climate-friendly writers who can tell you exactly how to cut your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint – and both goals have never been more important.

Since 2009, our London-based team has helped people all over the UK to go green in the most cost-efficient, energy-efficient ways, staying one step ahead of the latest grants, technology, and trends to provide people with the best options.

Through our website and social media channels, and by repeatedly featuring as Green Living Experts at Grand Designs Live, we educate and advise the public about how to transition from fossil fuels to an eco-friendly future.

We keep on top of new developments, from infrared panels to microwave boilers, so we can provide people with the most relevant and up-to-date information they need. We also stay aware of wider concerns and patterns with our annual National Home Energy Survey, which asks thousands of people about climate change, green technology, and energy bills.

And if our readers are interested, we can help them get free, bespoke quotes from trusted suppliers for green products including solar panels, insulation, and heat pumps.

In our recent National Home Energy Survey, we surveyed 2,134 adults on a variety of green issues, including eco-friendly technology, climate change and protest tactics, as well as asking how the ongoing energy crisis has affected their lives. We then created articles on our website that highlighted these insights.

The results show how rapidly rising costs have led Brits to radically change the way they heat and light their homes, enduring missed meals and freezing conditions to afford monthly bills. We also learnt that respondents heavily criticised the government, oil and gas companies, and energy suppliers for the parts they've played in this energy crisis, and massively supported the use of green energy and technology to combat both climate change and high energy costs.

Our advice

Knowledge is power – and people want to feel as empowered as possible when it comes to sorting their way through information to find out if green technology could work for them.

Your advice should be straightforward, concise, and backed up by data. People want to learn, but aren't willing to be patronised or told that everything green is gold.

A huge number of people in the UK want to go green if they can, so just present them with the facts, and they'll take the leap. And invest in solar panels; it's a no-brainer.

Our metrics

We observe metrics such as the number of people who read our articles, follow and engage with our social media accounts, and get quotes through our site.

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