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Since 2000, the Eden Project has acted as an educational charity, social enterprise and visitor attraction showing the power humans can have when we use our agency.

  • Zero Carbon Tour bus at the Eden Project.
  • Young people at the Eden project.
  • The Eden Project's annual 'Big Lunch' which aims to strengthen communities.

The Eden Project's story

Since 2000, the Eden Project have demonstrated the environmental impact that humans can have when we use our agency. From 1998-2000, the Eden team transformed a 60-metre-deep clay pit with no soil into a place of life to demonstrate that life can grow, wherever you are. In founder Sir Tom Smit's words: "In the beginning the idea was very simple – let's take a place of utter dereliction and create life in it". Now, over two decades later, the Eden Project acts as an educational charity, social enterprise and visitor attraction.

As well as its many environmental visitor site attractions, such as the outdoor garden, Mediterranean and rainforest biomes and nature's playground, the Eden Project also has many other sustainable initiatives. These include:
- The building of a new geothermal energy plant next to the Eden Project site.
- The exploration and education of sustainable alternatives to palm oil.
- A waste system, in which only 4% is sent to landfill.
- The use of recycled water within the Biome's waterfall.
- An ethical, eco-shop.
- The use of all-electric vehicles.

In addition to Cornwall, the Eden Project have also developed a family of international projects, which are unique to their own environment and community. New locations range from Lancashire and Dundee, to Columbia and China.

The Eden Project are also very proud of their membership with Planet Mark as the partnership helps to make the sustainability journey feel accessible and less daunting. Through the membership, they have been able to create and share knowledge, share resources and see how efficient we can be.

Useful learnings from The Eden Project

Start your sustainability journey now.
Share knowledge and learn from others, and we will all be able to do this together.

The Eden Project's metrics

Community engagement.

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