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The Students' Union is committed to being a sustainable business as well as offering tools to students at Worcester University so they feel confident in dealing with different sustainability issues.

WSU's story

Worcester Students' Union is working towards becoming a sustainable business in its own right as well as offering tools to students so they can deal effectively with different sustainability issues. WSU achieves both aims by creating and promoting volunteering opportunities as well as supporting campaigns and events that their student body is interested in and providing training to their students groups.

WSU also works with the university's Student Networks – student-led groups who exist to connect underrepresented areas of the student population, build communities and enhance diversity on campus – empowering like-minded students to act collectively to bring about change and make a difference.

The University has declared a climate emergency and has committed to net carbon neutrality by 2030. The measures taken include direct reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; reductions in indirect carbon emissions from commute travel and procurement; and non-carbon measures related to behaviour change.

Useful learnings from WSU

WSU works to maintain their achievements in the SOS-UK Green Impact Award each academic year. As part of this, the Students' Union recognises their environmental aspects and impacts, and the areas where improvement is required. This ongoing accreditation helps maintain momentum and keeps the focus on continuous improvement.

The Students' Union and University have jointly signed up to the SDG Accord, demonstrating their shared commitment to do more to contribute to the Global Goals through their activities. The accord requires annual reporting on progress in ways which share the learning with other learning institutions both nationally and internationally. This wider, annual reporting is another way to encourage further advancement.

WSU's metrics

Carbon and non-carbon quantitative and qualitative targets related to energy, water, waste, emissions, health, procurement, transport, construction, curriculum, biodiversity, community and food.

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