Winchcombe Green Town

Winchcombe Green Town will aim to address the climate emergency through community action.

Organising a public meeting through Facebook.
What makes a green town?

Our story

by Christopher Etchells from Winchcombe Green Town

I'm an educator with a long interest in environmental issues. I've tried to encourage environmental responsibility in my industry through an initiative called ELT Footprint UK. I'm now trying to encourage a local, community response to the climate emergency in the town where I live.

Our advice

We are actively exploring 'What makes a green town?' and involving as many local people as possible in answering this question. We set up a Facebook group and ran our first public meeting on December 21st 2021. Our second public meeting will take place this February 2022. Various action groups came out of the first meeting are now making real progress. Happy to share our experience of setting up a community green movement with anyone interested in doing the same.

Our metrics

The number of people involved and the actionable outcomes. We ran our first public meeting on 21 December, attended by nearly 50 people. I'm happy to share what we learnt from organising, publicising and running a public meeting and how this led to the successful formation of separate action groups with distributed leadership.
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