Transition Town Hastings

TTH crowd-sources solutions that are generated by the local community to address the climate crisis by starting local.

Car Free Day Community Event on Hastings Seafront.
Community wild flower seed sowing event in St Leonards.
St Leonards Warrior Square Community Garden.

Our story

Transition Town Hastings (TTH) is part of the Global Transition Network. Transition is a movement that has been growing around the world since 2005. It’s about communities stepping up to address the global challenges we face by starting locally. By coming together, we are able to crowd-source solutions. We seek to nurture a caring culture, one focused on supporting each other, both as groups or as wider communities.

In practice, we are reclaiming public space, increasing biodiversity, and providing infrastructure (such as the Sustainability on Sea festival and other events) to allow local people to create the initiatives that are important to them. We attempt to be as inclusive as possible and believe our work increases the well-being of those that get involved as well as providing joy to the rest of the community. We hope our work raises awareness around climate change issues and encourages people to create the changes needed to make our community more resilient.

Our advice

The importance of being inclusive, listening to local people and ensuring they are involved as early as possible in developing projects. We are always learning from the wider Transition Town network as well as other initiatives in the area focusing on climate change mitigation.

We find that people love to participate in projects in public spaces, especially projects that centre on food and connecting with others. Good, regular communication is also key.

Our metrics

We gather feedback from the community and occasionally create surveys.
We count the number of participants for particular events and activities.
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