Tod College Climate Challenge

Offering a free 6-month course in practical sustainability for over 16s in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

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Todmorden Learning Centre's story

Climate Challenge @ Tod College is funded by the Climate Action Fund from the National Lottery. Our pioneering Green Futures Course is in the pilot phase. We offer four modules to give students a taste of all things sustainability and help them find their future green career path.

This community led project was developed by Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub (TLCCH) in response to the need identified for local jobs for young people in the emerging green economy. We work in partnership with The School of Natural Building, Incredible Farm and All 1 Collective.

Useful learnings from Todmorden Learning Centre

Give plenty of time for preparations etc.
Take all the help you can get.
Talk to experts in the fields.
Make connections with other people and organisations who can offer support and advice along the way.
Start recruitment early.
Focus on outreach e.g. social media presence.
Get a website set up ASAP.
Make sure people are clear about how to contact you and find out more info about your project.
Make sure that everyone is clear about their roles.
Give yourself deadlines for milestones.
Focus on your own project - even when others would like your help.

Todmorden Learning Centre's metrics

Number of students that complete the course.
ONS wellbeing questionnaire.
Range of opportunities for the students upon completion of the course.
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Green Futures Students building a compost toilet.
Foraged food that was cooked into a dish by the students.
Green Futures students getting to know the farm.