Titanic Belfast

Making Titanic Belfast as green a tourism destination as possible

Titanic Belfast's story

Titanic Belfast was built over 10 years ago to commemorate the building of Titanic and to remember its tragic sinking. The Titanic Belfast building itself from conception was a green building and looking towards a sustainable future. In that, the design was to BREEAM standard – that means there are lots of special functions in Titanic Belfast that look towards sustainability. We create our own energy, our own electricity from waste products from our heating systems. We have solar panels and solar glass that controls the solar gain within the building. We also harvest rainwater and use that to flush the toilets.

The management of what we do here is very important for us going forward. Titanic Belfast has signed up to Belfast City Council's Green Tourism Strategy, and we are working towards a sustainable tourism action plan for our building and for tourism in Northern Ireland.

Some of the things that we are doing in terms of our menus we are creating – they will be seasonal, and will only use produce from local suppliers and will be organic where they can. We are also looking to create sustainable events that look at the impact we have on our planet and on our communities. Titanic Belfast has had a difficult two years, but we are rebuilding and building back better with a focus on our communities and our environment.

Image: Unsplash stock image, Rory McKeever

Useful learnings from Titanic Belfast

Look for inspiration in different countries – for example, our sustainable events are modelled on those in Copenhagen and New Zealand. Work together – you are not alone, there are so many people you can collaborate with to make sure that we have a positive impact on our planet.

Titanic Belfast's metrics

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