The Salthouse Hotel

A luxury hotel with sustainability at the heart of its operation.

The Salthouse Hotel's story

A luxury eco hotel, The Salthouse has 24 stylishly appointed bedrooms and suites, a soothing spa and laid back bar and restaurant. The carbon neutral hotel stands in its own private grounds surrounded by the natural beauty of the county Antrim countryside, overlooking Ballycastle and enjoying incredible views of the coastline to Fairhead and beyond.

The Salthouse is testament to the fact that luxury can also be sustainable.

The hotel does everything it can to minimise its impact on the environment through the following eco features:

- 225kw wind turbine and 150kw solar PV panels on site – this combined wind and solar energy could power 150 households for a year!

- The hotel heating and hot water is primarily provided by air source heat pumps and the electricity is provided by the onsite wind and solar generation.

- In addition to the carbon savings from the heat pumps, the bedroom radiators are individually controlled, reducing waste of heat and increasing the overall efficiency of the hotel.

- Outside temperature sensors enable the building to adapt to its environmental conditions and heating in public areas comes on or turns off despite time schedules being set.

- Zappi electric car chargers - these smart EV chargers can be connected to the renewable generation to charge the cars so electric cars can truly be emissions free.

- The hotel has LED lighting throughout the building with motion sensors and controls for the staff adding to the overall energy efficiency.

- Hotel staff monitor and control the energy efficiency of the building through a centralized dashboard available on hotel tablets, phones and desktop computers which provides energy reporting and evaluation from the automated intelligent building management system.

- SMART control of bedroom radiators by linking to our booking system so that rooms are only heated when absolutely necessary.

- CO2 sensors are fitted throughout the hotel to monitor the air quality.

- No single use plastics.

Useful learnings from The Salthouse Hotel

Think smart about how you do things within your business, by switching to a renewable alternative you will save money in the future.

Luxury does not have to mean excess or waste. The hotel is able to offer relaxing stays, spa treatments and dining, all whilst maintaining carbon neutrality.

Promoting the sustainable features of your business can help to bring in more guests. More people now are looking for eco-conscious choices for holidays and events.

The Salthouse Hotel's metrics

Amount of energy produced from renewables.
Carbon emissions saved.
Air quality and overall energy efficiency are monitored constantly.
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