Sustainable Eco-Kitchens

Kite Creative makes renewable, traceable and re-usable kitchens.

75% sustainable kitchen.
Chairing the British Institute of Interior Design sustainability panel.
The Waste Bench- constructed from 100% waste materials, for Glastonbury.

Kite Creative's Story

Increasingly Kite Creative has become conscious of how our whole ecosystem and wellbeing are being threatened by our consumption rates, the toxic materials we use in the built environment, and the waste created.

Our joinery workshop has been set up to offer more sustainable and transparent options than we can find on the market, and we apply our three guiding principles to every project, which we share here as part of the Planet Mark Zero Carbon Tour.

We source responsibly, searching for the most eco-sustainable materials to help minimise environmental impact and enhance the recycle-ability of materials, increasing energy and material efficiency. We work with recycled, upcycled and natural materials with low formaldehyde content and low VOCs to help reduce pollutants in the atmosphere and source locally wherever possible.

We are working towards all of our products that we use or manufacture being fully traceable so clients can understand what they are buying; what’s in the product, where it has come from, the conditions it was made under, how it arrived and how it will be re-used. This will also help us calculate the embodied carbon of all our kitchen components.

We are focusing on design, developing a circular process to ensure our kitchens will follow this throughout their entire lifecycle, from raw materials, production, and final kitchen furniture and finally re-purposing and recycling.

Modular, mobile and flexible, this means the furniture can be updated with new parts, be re-used or be integrated into new contexts. We place a strong focus on designing long-lasting quality products that will both help the environment and be beneficial to the end user. We care about waste, and at every stage of production we ensure as little wastage as possible is created.

Commissioned by Greencore Construction, we’ve delivered an eco-kitchen for one of their passive house properties, using over 75% sustainable materials.

Some surfaces are made from recycled materials; all are food-safe, durable and made from long-lasting materials; non-VOC natural vegan paints and oils with no pesticides, herbicides or toxins; recycled plastic components can be recycled at the end of their use; carcasses are made from Ecoboard, bio-based panels made from agricultural residues such as straw, reed or sugar cane, 100% formaldehyde and VOC free and 100% biodegradable; all kitchen appliances are selected for their quality of build, durability and low energy consumption; carcasses have been designed with a glue-less construction method allowing them to be re-purposed; we use the most energy-efficient electric appliances we can find; the kitchens are bespoke, made in our local workshop using skilled craftsmen.

Useful Learnings from Kite Creative

We have undertaken much research into sustainability, and embodied carbon particularly in the built environment. There is not so much written about the embodied carbon in the interiors of buildings and so this is an area that we want to focus on as the whole building can help reduce carbon emissions.
We have looked in depth at various standards for the built environment.

Since Covid-19 we have all wanted to become more sustainable in the way we live but are not sure how to get there and without understanding the added values that a sustainable product can bring in terms of legacy it is hard to differentiate between a sustainable product and a standard mass produced product.

It is important to clearly demonstrate the benefits to the clients of how they will help reduce emissions by buying our products or engaging in our services.

It is important for the client to understand that even by making small changes they will be helping. Set up systems to monitor and report on the product/service throughout its lifespan; being a transparent purposeful company from the outset is key; think about the lifespan of the product/service and how it can be serviced.

Kite Creative's Metrics

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