SP Energy Networks

Evolving the electricity network within its region, to connect with low-carbon technologies and renewable energy supplies so thousands of customers can tap into more affordable and cleaner energy sources.

SP Energy Networks’ story

As an electricity distribution and transmission network operator, SP Energy Networks ensures that electricity flows to homes and businesses throughout Central and Southern Scotland, North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Shropshire. The company does this through a network of overhead lines and underground cables which they own and maintain. They are also on the frontline in responding to people across all these areas if customers have a power cut, need a new power connection or spot an issue with any of the equipment that’s used in the electricity network.

Across the UK, our energy distribution networks need to be reconfigured for transmitting fluctuating energies from different sources. For example, high-voltage lines have to be upgraded to transport renewable energy from more remote sources such as offshore wind farms to urban areas; medium- and low-voltage lines have to be strengthened to distribute additional energy flows from local sources such as solar panels installed in residential neighbourhoods.

The enabling infrastructure that SP Energy Networks is working on helps bring forward the connections to low carbon technologies that enable us to decarbonise our electricity supply and tap into more affordable and cleaner energy sources.

Useful learnings from SP Energy Networks

According to District General Manager, Tom Walsh, one of the most important and challenging activities on the journey towards sustainability is getting people on board: businesses, politicians and regulators. Proactive infrastructure investment is absolutely crucial and evolving the electricity network for a decarbonised future is something that cannot wait.

SP Energy Networks’ metrics

Connecting customers and customer support
Infrastructure investment
Deployment and integration of low carbon technologies
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