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SmartCarbon's Managing Director Anna-Lisa Mills.
Newcastle's Freeman Hospital art of the NHS Newcastle Hospitals Trust.
Newcastle Hospitals' 5 Steps to reduce the carbon footprint of suppliers.

Our story

by SmartCarbon

SmartCarbon Ltd and Newcastle Hospitals took part in a Local Enterprise Funded (LEP) project to develop and pilot a Healthcare Sector specific version of the SmartCarbon Calculator platform. This included adding bespoke factors for the healthcare sector (e.g. anaesthetic gases and e-class spend codes). This bespoke option has now be replicated for other sectors (e.g. Local Authorities, Universities, Construction sector etc.)

The carbon footprint and footprint plus (i.e. Scope 1, 2 and 3) emissions were all calculated via the platform which provides access to all 6500 BEIS factors as well as additional bespoke options such as Working From Home (WFH) and sector specific factors. The platform outputs include graphs and reports that are aligned to requirements of the NHS Net Zero Plan, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Regulations.

The optional supplier dashboard has been developed to calculate supply chain emissions, using a combination of both e-class factors together with more detailed reporting through engagement with the NHS Trust’s direct supply chain. The approach has been developed to complement the emerging NHS Evergreen Supplier Framework as well as other procurement initiatives such as the North East £ and requirements of the Social Value Act.

A five-step supply chain framework as developed. The process aims to proactively engage and support suppliers, from the smallest to largest.

In Step 1 we listened to supplier views via a questionnaire and were encouraged by the fact that 98% of respondents supported our Net Zero goal.

In Step 2 we delivered webinars to raise awareness, inform and engage suppliers about our action plans and reporting of our carbon footprint plus. This included case studies and sharing best practice.

In Step 3 we invited suppliers to report their performance directly, via the SmartCarbon Calculator platform.

In Step 4 we will require suppliers to commit and publish Net Zero targets aligned with Newcastle Hospital’s 2040 ambition.

Finally, in Step 5 will encourage suppliers to act and reduce their footprints to the possible extent and then use offsets for the remaining emissions.

Our advice

It is important to co-design solutions with the clients – for this, we had regular meetings with Newcastle Hospitals. We involved multiple departments, including the Sustainability and Supply Chain departments. We came up with an iterative design that evolves based on client feedback. Collaborative working with suppliers (asking for their input via survey) is necessary.

Our metrics

Tonnes of CO2 equivalent reported (and reduced).
Number of suppliers engaged: 489 suppliers responded to the initial survey; 98% pledged support to help Newcastle Hospitals achieve our Net Zero carbon goals; 64% already have carbon reduction targets or plan; 68% already measure and report their own carbon footprint; 57% were interested in attending an online workshop.
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