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Reducing carbon with Bill Winter from Rugby Borough Council, captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Bill Winter from Rugby Borough Council - Zero Carbon Tour interview

To try and reduce carbon emissions, we recently held a virtual climate summit, inviting a number of partners that we have worked with or will be working with. We are currently engaged with a delivery partner, E-On, to target about 90 of our social housing properties to upgrade them in terms of affordable warmth and, in many cases, try to reduce the heating bills so that, come the switch-over to electricity, they are in a good place.

The benefits of zero-carbon are a better planet for the ones that come after us. We are trying to reduce our reliance on carbon fossil fuels. From a local authority's point of view, a reduction in costs that we incur is a benefit, too.

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Image: Geograph, Ian Rob

Our advice

Try and make sure that you have the resources in place to make your contribution, because skills in this sector are in short supply. Get your carbon management plan in place and then find out how you are going to execute it.

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