Roderick James Architects

Business • East Devon, Mid Devon, North Devon, West Devon

Decarbonising building designs and specialising in timber engineered buildings.

RJA's story

Roderick James Architects was founded on sustainable principles, with Roderick James being the first Director at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales. Since then, the practice has helped hundreds of self-builders to design and build their own homes using natural buildings materials and creating thermally efficient spaces.

RJA has also launched a new sustainability policy, RJA Zero, which includes a commitment to be a carbon-zero business by 2030 (through carbon footprint certification by Planet Mark). The practice is also working towards decarbonising their building designs by signing up to Architects' Declare and the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge.

RJA promotes the use of timber as a sustainable building material and this recently culminated in the design and construction of the COP26 House (in collaboration with other like-minded suppliers through the Beyond Zero Homes collective). They actively support Trees For Life's rewilding of the Caledonian Forest, by planting trees in their own grove for each completed RJA building.

Useful learnings from RJA

"The whole ethos of the company has always been, since it was set up, to push the boundaries and to make sustainability the heart of everything that we do. We have made a name for ourselves and people are attracted to us as a company because we have those credentials and that ethos behind us. So, it actually drives business and it helps to promote us."
Peter Smith, RJA Architect

RJA's metrics

Sustainable, timber frame homes designed.
Annual emissions reductions of the practice.
Number of self-builders helped.

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