Paddington Village Heat Network

Local Gov't • Liverpool

Providing networked heat and energy to the Paddington Village development in Liverpool.

  • Aerial shot of the Paddington Village Development.
  • The Spine - one of the UK's healthiest buildings.

Paddington Village's story

The Paddington Village Heat and Energy Network is just one of the ways we are trying new heating solutions in the city of Liverpool. This local power network will provide heat and electricity across the Paddington Village site, connecting all the new and future buildings and contributing to the decarbonisation route map for the site and for the city.

The Spine in Paddington Village (£35 million) scheme, recently completed, is one of the UK's healthiest buildings. It is designed to the internationally renowned WELL standard to increase the health and wellbeing of people who work and visit there by the design of its internal spaces, glazing features, and the use of plants and water inside which create a calming working environment. It was important that its heat and energy needs were also as well considered.

The building is heated by a low-carbon heating exchange based within the ground floor of the adjacent new 14-storey car park (which will also provide heat to the other Paddington Village buildings either under construction or planned), using 30-50% less energy. The smart building management system regulates the temperature and lighting, responding to external lighting conditions and saving energy by turning lights off when rooms are not being used. LED lighting saves 50% of energy costs compared to traditional lighting. Programmable lift technology minimises journeys by empty lifts, and there are posters to encourage people to use the signature 'Spine' staircase.

Useful learnings from the Paddington Village

These projects take a long time to come to fruition and over that time energy markets are changing, so you need to both be in it for the long term and be able to retain flexibility.

Paddington Village's metrics

Carbon reduction and energy cost savings.

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