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Delivering retrofit proposals that tackle fuel poverty, increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

  • House pre-insulation.
  • Green energy workshop.
  • House post-insulation.

Nottinghamshire County Council's story

Nottinghamshire County Council is working in partnership with the Nottinghamshire Energy Partnership, E.ON and local councils to support the delivery of retrofit proposals that tackle fuel poverty, increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The Warm Homes Hub two-year partnership with E.ON and local authority partners means eligible homeowners and tenants will be able to improve the warmth and comfort of their home. Despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is anticipated that over 380 homes will be targeted.

The Hub supports residents to save money on their heating costs and with associated benefits. Across the City and County, the Hub has saved residents an estimated £1.2M so far, with £.0.5M being secured for Nottinghamshire residents in increased benefits, principally Attendance Allowance, supporting the County's most vulnerable residents.

The Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme (Phase 1a) sees the retrofit of homes across the County, including solid wall insulation, air heat pumps, solar photovoltaics, windows and doors, loft and cavity wall insulation. Over 130 homes have benefited through this programme, offering tailored solutions to their specific needs. The work was linked into E.ON's Homes for Living Project which aims to adapt homes to enable residents to live healthy lives at home longer.

Useful learnings from Nottinghamshire County Council

One of the biggest issues faced was the Covid-19 pandemic. It delayed progress and put pressure on money allocations.

Nottinghamshire County Council's metrics

Number of homes fitted.
Reduction in average household energy bills after consideration for inflation.
Health and wellbeing of residents.

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