Reducing energy use and carbon emissions by installing LED lighting, radiant heating and roof insulation.

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Est. annual reduction in carbon
emissions (tonnes CO2 eq)

Investing in radiation heating.

Our story

by MSeis

MSeis Ltd manufacture underwater sound sensors for the exploration of environments relating to marine, seismic, energy and research industries. They received a West of England Combined Authority Green Business Grant of £4,510 to install LED lighting, roof insulation and radiant heating. As a result, MSeis Ltd has significantly reduced the energy demand of their warehouse and workshop, as well as improving working conditions and comfort levels for staff.

MSeis Ltd has seen as 57% reduction in energy use, giving an annual saving of £1,275 on energy bills and a 4.1 tonne annual reduction in business carbon emissions.

The West of England Green Business Grants Scheme offers small and medium enterprises in the region capital grants to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and/or business operations. The grants of up to £15,000 cover 50-80% of eligible costs. The £1.7m Scheme is part of the Low Carbon Challenge Fund, which is funded by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund and the West of England Combined Authority’s Recovery Fund.

Our advice

Applying for a Green Business Grant was a great way for us to invest in our business and reduce our carbon impact.

Our metrics

Measuring energy use and carbon emissions.
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