Green Squirrel

Green Squirrel social enterprise offers practical, creative and inclusive opportunities for individuals and communities to take action on the climate and ecological emergency through campaigns and public engagement events.

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Our story

Our purpose is to tell stories and share skills for a green and fair future. In everything we do we aim to:
- inspire sustainable choices and habits;
- build connected, resilient communities;
- and nurture visions of a positive low-carbon future.

Founded in 2012, Green Squirrel is run by Rebecca and Hannah. Creativity and community are central to our work, and in the past nine years we have engaged Cardiff communities with practical ways to reduce their environmental impact, get their voices heard, and develop their own responses to the climate crisis.

Now we are branching out with a nationwide project called The Something Club: a community where everyone becomes a climate leader, and everyone is welcome. The Something Club is a space to explore what climate action means to you and create incredible change – close to home, in your community and beyond.

Our advice

Work with your community from the earliest stage of a project to shape and direct it, and be open to having your ideas and assumptions challenged. Building strong relationships takes time but it's worth it.

Our metrics

Since 2018 more than 4,500 people have taken part in a Green Squirrel activity - and 91% of participants told us they intend to use their new skills to live more sustainably.
Our 2020 "Say No To The Mow" community campaign helped initiate the creation of 21 new pollinator sites across Cardiff.
During the 2020 lockdown we distributed over 8,000 free plants & growing guidance to community members.
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We plan creative community events to start climate conversations
We host sustainable skills workshops to help build resilience
We support communities to develop local responses to the climate crisis