Energy Projects Plus

Third Sector • Wirral

Alleviating fuel poverty and reducing environmental impact, through education programmes and energy efficiency projects.

Energy Projects Plus story

Energy Projects Plus was formed as an independent not-for-profit organisation in 1995, with the aim of increasing awareness and education across Merseyside and Cheshire about energy efficiency – helping to alleviate fuel poverty and reducing the impact on the environment through energy efficiency projects. They have grown over the years to a team of over 20 staff delivering a host of frontline projects.

Providing advice is the cornerstone of Energy Projects Plus's work. In particular, they help people take action to reduce their home energy usage, which lowers their energy bills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the advice is delivered as training sessions to front line staff and community representatives tackling energy efficiency and fuel poverty issues locally.

The charity is a 'carbon literate organisation', accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project to deliver carbon literacy courses to other organisations who are keen to understanding and reducing their carbon footprint.

Energy Projects Plus has also been working in partnership with utility companies and councils in their area to deliver a number of loft and cavity wall insulation schemes, including the award-winning Warmer Wirral scheme.

Useful learnings from Energy Projects Plus

Loft and cavity wall insulation are still the most straight forward and effective way to reducing heat loss in the home, resulting in saving energy and reducing fuel bills. Schemes all over the country have been set up to provide low-cost insulation and are free in many areas.

Much of the advice about lowering household energy bills is centred around the four solutions to fuel poverty, which are: 1/ Avoiding excessively high energy tariffs; 2/ Adopting more energy efficient behaviour at home; 3/ Installing energy efficient products and appliances; 4/ Maximising household income.

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