Dundee Heritage Trust

Putting sustainability into the heart of tourism and heritage in Dundee.

Dundee Heritage Trust's story

Dundee Heritage Trust has two sites in Scotland, Discovery Point and Verdant Works, where we are trying to improve fuel consumption. As both sites are very historic, and built with very little insulation, it has been challenging to heat the buildings and reduce environmental impact.

In the last year over 230,000 people visited the Trust’s venues. We are responsible for the conservation of RRS Discovery, one of the world’s most important ships. We offer high-quality learning activities to over 8,000 school children and 1,500 members of the local community every year, and communicate research on the collections through the exhibition and learning programmes. The purpose of Dundee Heritage Trust is ‘The guardianship, preservation, and portrayal of Dundee’s Heritage in ways that educate, inspire and enlighten current and future generations.’

In 2018, we were proud to receive our first Green Tourism award at Discovery Point, where we have now consistently achieved Silver for over half a decade.

In 2023, we want to go further than ever to put sustainability at the heart of what we do, and in the last six months, we have worked hard to create this – our first-ever Sustainability Strategy – to help guide us on the journey.

Useful learnings from Dundee Heritage Trust

Think about every aspect involved in your sustainability plan to reduce unknown error.

Dundee Heritage Trust's metrics

We will measure, monitor, and record our impact across all areas of a detailed action plan across seven themes of Energy, Water, Waste, Food & Drink, Transport, Nature, and People, and will use this to set quantified SMART targets as we develop our plans for 2024-25.

We will be transparent about our progress and accountable for our promises.

A Sustainability Working Group will lead on the execution of our strategy, which will be publicly available online, and we will regularly report on progress to internal and external stakeholders, including in the Annual Report of the Trustees.
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Stock photo: Aerial view of Dundee.
Stock photo: RRS Discovery.
Discovery Point.