Croydon Community Energy

Croydon Community Energy is on a mission to implement renewable energy generation and low-carbon technologies in the local area, to cut both greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills, driven by community ownership and empowerment.

Our story

Croydon Council declared a climate emergency in 2019, but very little has been done to create a substantial Climate Action Plan. The Council have agreed to establish a target to increase renewable energy generation by 10% every year in Croydon, which Croydon Community Energy's projects can help achieve.

We want to help educate and empower our community to reduce carbon emissions, particularly those not already engaged with environmental activism.

In November 2022, we set up a free energy advice clinic for local residents struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. We offer a variety of solutions for households, including financial advice about changing payments and energy bills through pay as you go or direct debit, as well as making sure people who are eligible for government help receive it. We also hand out free equipment to help insulate homes such as gap filler to put between floorboards and reflective sheets for behind radiators – measures that help make homes more energy efficient and save money in the process.

Croydon Community Energy was born from the idea that clean, renewable energy should be accessible for all. We have the below goals:

-Developing renewable energy and renewable heating projects in Croydon
-Reducing the carbon footprint of the local area
-Involving people from the community in our projects
-Creating community ownership of renewable assets
-Supporting the local community’s progression to a low carbon economy
-Promoting and offering retrofit & energy efficiency advice to the local community
-Offering climate action education to the local community

These projects are important because no community energy group has been successfully set up in Croydon. We believe we can act as a bridge between the Council and the community to achieve its goals.

Our advice

Engaging with the local Council has been our toughest endeavour due to their lack of knowledge and finances. Working with other groups like BME Forums, disability groups and more is also key to building partnerships. We can push through in other ways and keep up the good fight!

Our metrics

Number of solar panels installed.
Money saved to sites.
Carbon emissions cut through solar and heat pump technology.
Number of people supported through fuel poverty work.
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