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Cambridge Marketing College is a training provider in marketing and PR, influencing opinions on climate change and the environment and helping people to think more sustainably.

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Cambridge Marketing College's story

Cambridge Marketing College is a training provider in marketing and PR. The college works to influence thoughts and opinions on climate change and the environment to help people think more sustainably. The college is now measuring its own carbon emissions and starting on its own journey to net zero.

The college has taught Corporate Social Responsibility for many years and is proud to have sustainability experts within its faculty, including Nigel Clark – a senior practitioner in the professional services sector. The Cambridge Marketing College team are concentrating on two of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals – Climate Action and Quality Education and are committed to reaching net zero by 2050.

The college has made a range of internal improvements so far, from changing to recyclable packaging materials, practising energy-saving measures, and introducing eco-friendly cleaning products to minimising travel for students and staff, and offering a green and ethical pension service. They have also created the 'CSR and Sustainability Practitioner' apprenticeship – a government-awarded course that allows marketing professionals who are passionate about social and environmental change to become sustainability experts.

Charlotte Lestienne, Apprenticeship Manager, explains how important it is to practice what they preach on sustainability:

"We can't expect our learners to do it if we don't do it ourselves. So, we will do it, we will encourage them to do it, and we will equip them with the knowledge that they need to do so."

Cambridge Marketing College may be a small business, but they have a huge influence, with a network of 10,000 alumni. Though they are at the beginning of their net-zero journey, they are excited about continuing to implement carbon reduction measures while promoting sustainability to their staff, students, alumni, and the wider community.

Useful learnings from Cambridge Marketing College

Focus on collaboration – To be successful in the fight against climate change we need more collaboration, even if this means overcoming our competitive instincts. We also need to expand the search for collaboration opportunities outside of our natural networks.

Get started – Start now! Although this journey will take a long time, try to get ahead of the curve and make a difference.

Cambridge Marketing College's metrics

Measuring carbon emissions to reach net zero.

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